Sheverly Y. Nail is the SYN of IDSYN. Let’s get to know more about her…

MY EARLY DAYS (when the creative spark started) …

Hi! I’m the owner and principal stylist of IDSYN. I’ve been gifted with the talent of interior design.  Since I was young, I’ve always had the knack for creating beautiful spaces. As a little girl I shared a bedroom with my sister and as much as I love her, I must admit she’s one who would ‘clean up’ by stacking all her stuff in neat piles… even on our dresser… oh, how I hated it! Once our three older brothers started transitioning out of the family home, we were able to obtain separate bedrooms. I got to work decorating mine and even as early as I can remember, I had a pink and green bedroom (a prescient nod to my current sorority). I remember apple green walls with pink accents throughout. 

Of course, there was the “obligatory” poster of Michael Jackson on my wall and not to mention all the photos of my then boyfriend (now husband) sprinkled throughout the room.  Our high school colors were blue and gold and although they did not match the pink and green décor, my being a cheerleader and him being the star quarterback required having splashes of blue and gold seen here and there. Whether it be the pom-poms stashed on my window curtain rod or the banners which we sold before each game taped to the wall; the blue and gold was there and had claimed its space in my pink and green room!

COLLEGE AND BEYOND (the passion was ignited) …

Later in my college years I remember requesting that my parents buy me a bedroom set for Christmas… it seems I had tired of the cream-colored twin-sized bed which I had slept in for what seemed like my entire life and wanted to go to another level. Well, I remember my mom distinctly telling me she wasn’t gonna buy a bedroom set that I was going to soon take with me upon leaving home.  So, I did what any respectable working college student would do and bought my own bedroom set (and of course took it with me when I left home)! It was a beautiful dark wood set; sturdy and heavy. The dresser had a mirrored hutch as was the style back then and I could decorate the shelving on it to my liking–you couldn’t tell me nothing!

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LIVING WITH PURPOSE (I’m on fire to share my GOD-GIVEN GIFT with you and others) …

Again, this was just the start of my illustrious decorative career doing it for myself, some of my friends, some of their friends et cetera… but decorating is my love, my passion, and I want to share it with everyone. It’s what God has gifted me with and His way of having me reach out to others in His name.  My outreach program focuses on Womens’ Shelters and other community facilities to provide them with some of the beauty in their spaces that others take for granted.  On the other end of the spectrum, I cater to professional clientele such as yourself who want to create a feeling of luxury in your home which is your sanctuary when you return from the outside world.

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For those of you who work from home, I create a space which is comfortably elegant.  This is a space where you spend so much of your time so comfort as well as style is required. Interior styling is my calling and I want to please God with the work that I do and in doing so, I know that you will also be pleased if you allow me to create a space for you! So, let’s begin our journey to make your space all that you ever wanted or maybe the luxurious surroundings you never knew you wanted!  One step can lead to a lifelong relationship between you and I… the decorator and the pampered professional who daily escapes the world in their own lush retreat.